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Undergraduate Student Government IUPUI

Unity Brunch

The Innagural Unity Brunch took place on December 2nd, 2022, from 10 am – 1 pm.

The main goal that USG DEI representatives wanted to accomplish doing the Unity Brunch was to allow cultural organizations have the opportunity to showcase their culture and share with other students and faculty their experiences with diversity, equity, and inclusion at IUPUI, in order to gather suggestions/opinions from the public on how to make IUPUI more inclusive.

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Keynote Speaker

The event program consisted of an opening ceremony with Dr. Dace, Vice-Chancellor for DEI at IUPUI, the Open Dialogue activity (main event), the brunch, and cultural games.

Event Statistics

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Open Dialogue

During the Open Dialogue activity, there were 12 tables with students and faculty and 8 questions were provided to discuss the things we can improve on to make IUPUI a more diverse and welcoming campus for all. Responses were recorded and discussed among the USG DEI Committee members and Director, Clara Pineda, all the month of January and February to proceed with a plan to implement changes and create more DEI focused initiatives.

2nd Annual Unity Brunch

December TBD 2023